Engineers Day - Selfie Contest

Engineers Day - Selfie Contest

Action, Smile, Expression Be a "Aspire Hero"

Add a winning memory to your college life

Contests ends on 30-Sep-2019

Winner gets 10000/-

Be among the first 100 to upload your selfie

and win a chance to 1000/-


About Contest

It's a concept-based selfie contest for all engineering students

How to Participate?

1. Login to

2. Upload your selfie

3. Invite your friends to like

All Set.

Winner gets 10,000/-


Rules For Contest

  • participant & Invitee Must be current engineering Students
  • Selfie Should be Clean & Compliant/Copyright Free
  • College name must be visible in the selfie background
  • Adding Comment / Slogan is must for the Selfie

How should the selfie be?

Single, Group, Smile, Emotion, Action…

We don't restrict, you can upload as you like.

We will remove any selfie that hurts the sentiments of others and ban them from the contest.

Who decides the winner (Aspire Hero)?

You only
  • Yes! You only… Based on likes and dislikes "Aspire Hero" moves up or down in position
  • Winner will be announced on 30-sep-2019

How do I get likes?

  • You will get likes from trusted verified users.
  • Alternatively, you can invite your own engineering friends to like your selfie.
  • Each user can like any number of selfies but can like a selfie only once

Know the likes your selfie received

  • Its live & open for all
  • You can view live and vote here

"Aspire Hero" will get…. 10000/- reward. Login and check who is leading now

More invitations can improve your chances to become "Aspire Hero"